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Shutter Blinds


Johans blinds include shutters in their day to day services. Shutter Blinds are the most common and affordable in the Johannesburg and Pretoria region for security purposes.

Shutter Guard  Shutters

To simply put this product is “Burglar Bars” with style. This innovative system provides an almost impenetrable barrier against burglars, without your house looking like a prison. The shutters can be fitted inside windows and sliding doors, and the slats are fully adjustable to provide privacy or a clear view.

Thermo Shutters

This is a durable substitute for normal wood shutters. Engineered from extruded PVC, completely impervious to moisture, this is a low maintenance product that can be used to finish of any room or it can offer a practical way of creating a extra room on a patio. It can also divide two rooms eg. bathrooms and bedrooms for more privacy if required.

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Hi Johan,

dankie vir die goeie job wat jy gister gedoen het!

Esmari Leeuwner, Satisfied Client

Puik installasie. Vertoon pragtig

Liezl Ecroignard, Satisfied Client

Wow, die blinds werk soos n droom. Dit maak so groot verskil. Almal se jou werk is puik en dit lyk stunning. Dankie vir die goeie diens.

Talitha, Satisfied Client

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